Summary of The Stages

Daniel Peters, an American living in Copenhagen, becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation.  To clear his name and to get back to the orderly life he so dearly prizes, Daniel must cooperate with homicide detective Ingrid Bendtner.  But it’s not easy for Daniel.  As a forty-three year old with Asperger’s Syndrome, even the slightest deviation from his regular schedule unnerves him.  But what choice does he have?  If he doesn’t cooperate with the Police, he may be sent to jail or deported back to Buffalo, NY—frightening possibilities to a person who’s grown used to his solitary life of single-minded work.  Set in the capital of Denmark and featuring a cast of characters that includes Lutheran priests, Søren Kierkegaard scholars, law enforcement agents, a forgery expert, and the Director of the Royal Library, The Stages is a sometimes funny, sometimes melancholy, often absurd, but always clever re-interpretation of the Scandinavian crime novel.

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