The Stages: A Novel, by Thom Satterlee

51Bd3RaW47L__BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-70,22_AA300_SH20_OU01_2012, 2013, 2015.  “Daniel Peters is an American living in Copenhagen.  He works in the Kierkegaard Research Center as a translator and  suffers from Asperger’s.  When his boss (and former fiancée) is murdered soon after the discovery of a new Kierkegaard manuscript–a collection of poetry believed by some to be a forgery–Daniel is a prime suspect.  His condition makes it difficult for him to tolerate changes to his routine or interpret people’s behavior, but he is drawn into the mystery despite himself and must work with the police to uncover the truth.  Satterlee clearly is familiar with Copenhagen and Kierkegaard, and this knowledge grounds the story and lends it realism.  This is a deftly crafted mystery that will leave readers curious and surprised, as well as empathetic to Daniel, whose Asperger’s is portrayed realistically.”  —Publishers Weekly

For a print version of The Stages, click hereFor the Danish version, Kierkegaardmysteriet, click here.

These Hands, by Per Aage Brandt

These HandsTranslated by Thom Satterlee, 2011. “These tantalizing poems are saturated with love–love for the ungraspable beloved; for the seen world that sight can never grasp; for language, which can grasp nothing but itself although the language of Thom Satterlee’s witty and musical translations almost convinces us that the grasping is possible.” —John DuVal

These Hands shows what a true poet-translator can do: bring us, in Per Aage Brandt, a writer whose work is surreal, and playful, and profoundly human all at once–and who arrives like a bracing wind for readers trapped in the loud and crowded confines of contemporary American poetry.” —Patrick Phillips

The Global Game: Writers on Soccer

Global GameEdited by John Turnbull, Thom Satterlee, and Alon Raab, 2008.  “I’m a soccer fan. If you are, too, this is the book for you. And if you aren’t, and you give The Global Game a chance, the light may yet shine upon you.” —Bill Littlefield, host of NPR’s Only a Game

“The first truly global survey of writing on the global game. . . . The collection gives a powerful reminder to Anglo-Saxon literary cultures that football—the most global cultural phenomenon of all—has a rich, multivocal literary tradition.”—David Goldblatt, Times Literary Supplement

“As much social commentary as a compendium of soccer tales and soccer reflections, this delightful collection is essential reading for the soccer fan and those interested in soccer and sport generally.”—Library Journal 

Burning Wyclif, by Thom Satterlee

Burning Wyclif2006. “These carefully crafted poems offer a lyrical account of the private and professional life of controversial fourteenth-century English scholar John Wyclif.”  —American Library Association’s Notable Book Award citation.

“Satterlee masterfully restores Wyclif to us…using free verse, sonnets, and villanelles, to give a prescient voice to our cultural ancestors and to our own vainglorious period of political and religious upheaval.”  —James Ragan in presenting Burning Wyclif as a Finalist for the L.A. Times Book Prize in Poetry.

“Satterlee’s resurrection of a lost vocabulary of thought and feeling is what allows Burning Wyclif, in its best moments, to achieve a genuinely religious power, reminiscent of George Herbert….Religious reflection of this order is very rarely found in contemporary poetry. One might not even have thought it was still possible, until Thom Satterlee achieved it—a sure sign of a true poet.”  Adam Kirsch, Contemporary Poetry Review


Hangman's LamentTranslated by Thom Satterlee, 2003. Winner of the American-Scandinavian Foundation’s Translation Prize, this new collection of fifty-two poems reintroduces the noted Danish poet into English, and reveals the clarity of Nordbrandt’s vision. As a reviewer wrote in the Danish journal Nye Boger, “Every poem that Henrik Nordbrandt has written bears, as in all the works of great masters, his unmistakable signature: the definite unity of motif and style.” The ALA Booklist described an earlier collection of his work in English as “cargoes of surprise, landfalls with the immediacy of music.”